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Bjarte Breiteig

Bjarte Brietieg

Bjarte Breiteig (1974) has written three critically acclaimed collections of short stories. His first book, Fantomsmerter, was published in 1998 and attracted widespread attention and received glowing reviews. So did his second book, Surrogater, published two years later. In 2003 Bjarte Breiteig was one of five young authors whose work was included in a collection of short stories published under the title of Borders by the European literary project Scritture Giovani.

Breiteig’s third collection of short stories, Folk har begynt å banke på (2006), introduced a more epic dimension in his writing. While probing deep into the hearts and minds of his characters, he reflects on social class, religioun, and the distances between people who are close to each other.

Bjarte Breiteig’s literary style combines simplicity and density. The stories very often deal with the experience of loss and longing. Breiteig has won numerous literary awards in his homeland Norway.

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