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The Festival of the European Short Story, Croatia


The Festival of the European Short Story, Croatia, is held annually in Zagreb and one other partner city in Croatia.

To date, seventy writers from fifteen European countries have visited FESS. The Festival has been hosted in six Croatian cities. Fifteen anthologies of the European short story, with at least as many books written by the Festival’s guests, have been published and promoted at the Festival. Within the Festival seven translation workshops in contemporary European literatures have been organized and in cooperation with international partners their winners have been awarded study visits to Poland, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Spain.

FESS is a platform for promotion of other eminent European literary festivals, and it served as a role model for Olga Tokarczuk, a Polish writer, who founded sister International Story Festival in Wroclaw. Besides hosting foreign writers in Croatia, the Festival had the privilege of organizing a number of visits of Croatian writers to different countries in Europe. We work closely together with prominent organizations, initiatives and institutions throughout Europe. With the support of the City of Zadar the Festival established a writer’s residency in Zadar, which will every year host one participant of FESS.

The Festival of the European Short Story

The Manchester Literature Festival

Manchester Literature Festival

Manchester Literature Festival (MLF) began trading in 2006 and was built on the legacy of its very successful predecessor, Manchester Poetry Festival. MLF provides unique and imaginative opportunities for audiences to experience high quality live literature through an annual festival. The festival celebrates the power of writing across all creative and technological media. We produce a cutting-edge programme of activities that challenges the boundaries of what is traditionally understood to be a literature event and aim to promote internationalism, diversity and independence.

The Chapter & Verse Festival

Chapter & Verse

The Chapter & Verse Festival, now in its fourth year, presents a breadth of literature appealing to all those interested in the power of the word; spoken, written, reported and performed.

In 2011, the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool, UK, welcomed over 40 writers working across the literature spectrum: novels, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, short stories, biographies, histories, children’s books, bookmaking, storytelling, comic books, spoken word performance, publishing and bookselling.

Many of this year’s events responded to Liverpool’s theme for 2011, City of Radicals, looking at writers who have challenged the status quo in their work.

The Wroclaw Short Story Festival

Wroclow Short Story Festival

So far 5 editions of the International Short Story Festival have been organized in Wrocław. They were enthusiastically welcomed by both readers and literary critics, becoming a well known and loved event that found its place in the city’s cultural life. It has hosted Dan Rhodes, Zoran Ferić, John Taylor, Kate Griffin, Claire Keegan, Michael Kasper, Rashid Novaire, Viktor Erofeev, Segun Afolabi, Rachel Trezise, Goncalo M. Tavares and many, many others. Olga Tokarczuk, one of the best known Polish writers – the inspirer and supporter of the festival – is present during all editions. Our goal is to popularize the best Polish and foreign literature, concentrating on short literary forms like stories and essays. The festival’s producer is the Cultural Centre “Zamek” (director: Elzbieta Lenczyk). The festival’s creative director is Marcin Hamkało.

Kikinda Short

Kikinda Short

Kikinda Short is a short story festival which takes place in the northernmost part of Serbia, in the town of Kikinda. The town is only several miles away from Hungary and Romania and the organiser wanted to take advantage of the unique geographic position which bridges the southeastern and middle Europe. The festival’s main goals are: 1) meeting and connecting of the young authors of middle and southeastern Europe with editors, publishers and interpreters of the region, as well with participants from around the globe by which the festival gains in its variety; 2) affirmation of the short story as a neglected literary genre; 3) popularisation of reading, mainly among secondary school students; 4) affirmation of tolerance and cultural differences. Since 2006, five festivals were held with participation of over 120 guests from 18 countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Croatia, Canada, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain , Romania, UK). Among them are Rodge Glass, winner of the Somerset Maugham award, Claire Vigfol, winner of the BBC award for short story, Xaver Bayer, winner of the Hermann-Lenz-Preis, Emanuil Vidinski, laureate of the “Balkani” award … Our guests are successful in other areas of art. Ray Loriga is one of the most popular young Spanish directors, Maike Wetzel is included among 100 most successful young people in Germany, Bernard MacLaverty won a Scottish BAFTA Award for Best First Director.

Hotel Van Hassel & SLAA

Hotel Van Hassel is the first large-scale and multi-day short story event in the Netherlands. It aims to get a wider audience acquainted with the contemporary short story. During the first edition in 2010 authors from all over Europe read in their own language. Famous authors talked about their favorite short story writers. The VPRO transmitted live on the radio and magazine Tirade published the stories of the festival authors plus some specially commissioned work. Since 2011 Hotel van Hassel is cooperating with SLAA, foundation for literary activities Amsterdam. Last year several evenings and programs with short story authors were organised and the Library of the Short Story was founded.

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