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Silke Scheuermann

Silke Scheuermann

You have written poetry, a novel and short stories, all very successfuly. What are you working on at the moment? In which genre you feel most at ease and why?

Currently I am at work at a new novel, with a story for which I am doing a lot of research right now. I write poetry only occasionally now, but my publisher is planning a new collection of poems as well. I don´t have a preferable genre. I am taken by a mood, a picture, a story – it’s as simple as that.

What are the advantages of a short story in a relation to a novel?

It’s short. And it concentrates on important moments, which leaves the backstory completely to the reader.

What do you think about inspiration? Does it exist? How would you describe a feeling of being inspired? Do you wait for inspiration to come or you just write no matter what?

Well, it certainly does, and you have to keep that inspirational moment. But more important than that is hard, continous work.

What do you think about practice in writing, like to become a good musician one needs to practice 10 hours a day for 10 years and then, with some talent, one can perform in an orchestra? Is it the same for writers?

The main difference between a musician and a writer is that the musician is a performer, the writer is more like a composer, making up worlds in the process of writing. But yes, doing it, meaning writing every day, if possible, is the key. Talent is just the beginning.

Which other short story writers from your country you would recommend?

My favourite short story writers are A.L. Kennedy and John Cheever. German short prose writers I would like to recommend are Peter Stamm or Judith Hermann.

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