Five Popular Literary Festivals In The World

Literary Festivals

Festivals are the goal of celebrations and stories, and that is why literature is made. Here are the top 5 literary festivals in the world, that celebrate the work of authors.

1. Jaipur literature festival

The pink city of India, popularly known as Jaipur, is a hub of art and literature. A fan of literature can not miss the Jaipur literature festival that takes place every year. The blend of literature with various art forms makes the Jaipur literature festival one of the world’s top literature festivals.

Jaipur literature festival conducts a series of 226 events all through the year. Around 40,000 people attend these workshops, shown in 27 languages, 14 Indian and 13 international. Various Indian writers who attend are called speakers and are given a chance to meet their fans. Debates, live sessions, speakers talk, and book release are few well-noted events that take place. Apart from literature, the festival also looks at music and artisans and promotes them.

Jaipur literature festival

2. Cheltenham Literature Festival

Organized by the times and the Sunday times, Cheltenham Literature Festival is one of the oldest and most celebrated literary fests in the United Kingdom. Every year, the fest has welcomed literature from all over the world and has celebrated them. Every sphere of entertainment in literature is noticed in the literature festival.

Over 5000 workshops, live interaction, sessions with the authors are organized. Apart from these, the festival also welcomes new authors to launch and give new talents. This year’s most awaited event is the talk by the award-winning Bernardine Evaristo, podcast host Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, and well-known author and journalist of the century Joan Bakewell.

Cheltenham Literature Festival

3. Cliveden Literary Festival

Known for its literary contribution to the world, Cliveden house is home to Alexander Pope and Sir Winston Churchill from 1666. It is located in Buckinghamshire, surrounded by British country estate. It is home to politics and literature. This becomes the aim focus of the fest—the festival focuses on the traditional and historical importance of literature.

The main focus of the event will be the speakers, debates, and the home itself. Apart from this, the press and the literary communities will add their touch. The festival is scheduled for 23 and 24 October this year. Some of the speakers from the previous year’s list included Emily Maitlis, Elif Shafak, Alain de Botton, and Leila Slimani.

Cliveden Literary Festival

4. The Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival

Started in 2008, the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival is the charity of literature and stands as one of the leading literature fests in the world. The event is taking place this September and will feature some of the more fabulous authors and journalists worldwide. Apart from literature, the fest calls in students across the country to join in the celebration.

The fest calls in the most celebrated authors and conducts an off-beat workshop, starting from March every year, for participants who cannot join the program in the venue. The fest donates a part of the income to charity and need.

London Literature Festival

5. London Literature Festival

Starting on 21 October, a ten-day London literature festival is one of the most significant literature festivals ever seen. Literature experts all over the world have been contributing to the event. This year the theme of the festival is friendship. The tagline says, “if you miss your friends, this festival is for you, stay alive.

The authors and speakers will focus on different complications and dimensions of friendship and other corners.

Book your tickets now to the fest you desire. Look out for more in 2021.

Five Popular Literary Festivals In The World

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